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Our Approach to Data-Driven Decision Making

Our integrated and incremental approach helps you to accelerate data-driven decision making in every facet of your organization, one step at the time.
We can support you in your journey towards data-driven decision making along 4 dimensions and through a tailored and achievable roadmap.

Scoping & Shaping

During the Scoping & Shaping phase we help you to spot and pinpoint the best opportunities, prioritize them and translate them in a roadmap that will allow you to home in on projects that, one by one, will deliver quick value, while at the same time, build your data science capabilities in a coordinated way.

Strategic Foundation

Becoming data-driven demands a new way of looking at data. We trigger Creativity, Change and Control with a hands-on and personal approach:

  • Creativity: our Creative Workshops trigger you to think outside the box and come-up with new sustainable business models
  • Change: through dedicated on-the-job support we inspire your workforce and stimulate them to change their mindset.
  • Control: supporting you in setting up a Data Governance helps you to manage your data in a sustainable way ensuring high data quality through the complete lifecycle of the data.

Analytical Foundation

In realizing the pinpointed opportunities in your data-driven roadmap, our hands-on specialists take an agile approach. In keeping a very tight connection, you’re constantly updated on progress enabling you to quickly change the scope of the project based on the discoveries made. Ensuring our expectations are always aligned and quick value is delivered.

Technological Foundation

In driving a more holistic decision-making process, you need one source (of data) that your workforce trusts. Alongside the analytics projects, we incrementally combine all your data available into a data lake. Quickly achieving your single source of truth, using your own platform or by setting up a new platform of your choice.

People Foundation

To grow and sustain knowledge at each stage of your data-driven transformation The Analytics Academy offers a broad range of data science trainings. The trainings go through all layers of the organization and range from creating basic understanding at board level in order to develop a data strategy to acquiring hands-on skills enabling your staff to deliver value in data-oriented projects.

The Project Evolution

In our projects we take an incremental and agile approach. Delivering quick value, while at the same time building your data science capabilities in a coordinated way.

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