Business Analytics

Your Challenge

90% of companies say they don’t know enough to look ahead. Don’t be one of them.
Do you wonder if your truck drivers are driving more miles than necessary – and why? Maybe you feel you can increase productivity – but how? Do you prefer science to hunches when planning how to spend a fixed marketing budget? Could you be getting more value and insight from your data?

Every company has questions about its processes, markets and customers that it would like to answer. Every company wants to make better decisions going forward. So why are so many of them making so little use of the business analytics opportunity?


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 ORTEC Consulting and Business Analytics

  • Business consulting (Process design, Business Performance Assessment, Benchmarking, Supply Chain improvement programs)
  • Modelling & optimization (Business modelling, Simulation, Mathematical optimization, statistical forecasting)
  • Advanced analytics (Visualization, Data mining, Machine Learning, Forecasting)
  • Software development (Rapid Prototyping, Agile development)

How we can help you?

ORTEC Consulting offers the following analytics and consulting services:
  • Business Performance Assessments using standardized methodologies such as SCOR for supply chain scans or business analytics maturity scans;
  • Audits of your business processes and analytics models, validating their input, output, and effectiveness;
  • Strategic studies, improvement projects, solution development, and client placement specialists;
  • Training and education in our fields of expertise.

Applying analytics is the key to survive

Research by ORTEC Consulting indicates that 90% of business leaders don’t know if their company is up to speed in its use of big data and advanced analytics.

And that’s bad. With consumers and companies becoming increasingly connected, and boundaries ever more blurred, traditional business intelligence and reporting are not enough. The speed of innovation, emerging technologies and the availability of new data sources provide multiple opportunities for you to gain new insights that will help you view your markets and processes in terms of the future instead of the past.
ORTEC is a global company at the cutting edge of Business Analytics
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Leap from hindsight to foresight

The jump from old business to new business requires a paradigm shift. And we can help you make it. ORTEC services are designed to take you from where you are now on the analytics curve to the end-goal: optimized decision making. From Hindsight (standard and ad hoc reports) or Insight (drilling down, alerts and statistical analysis), to Foresight (forecasting, predictive modelling and optimization).

How? Our quants work with you to analyze your data maturity, structure your data, engineer mathematical models and perform analyses. We provide you with dashboards and other visualization, forecasting and optimization tools that empower you to act in just a few clicks. We help you identify the things that are going well and discover potential improvement areas. And we train your people so they can continue to keep moving the business forward.

With over 30 years’ experience in using business analytics to drive business innovation and optimization, we are the right team to help you prepare for success in the future.

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