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Technology takes a key role in our society that affects booth individuals and businesses alike. We are all becoming increasingly dependent on technology. Technological developments and trends are following each other up at an increasing pace, with greater need for more bandwidth, more data, better access and flexible mobility. This requires a technology specialist who not only supplies products and systems, installs, maintains and manages, but also takes into account future-proof solutions. An innovative partner offering smart, scalable solutions in the area of the Internet of Things, Smart Industry, Industrial Solutions, Wireless Mobility, LTE, Indoor Coverage, Predictive Maintenance, Dealing & Trading, LTE, Managed Services and Mission Critical Communications. Solutions that improve processes and benefit productivity, continuity and quality. This is precisely the role played by Koning & Hartman, an experienced specialist who constantly updates on all the latest technical developments and the many opportunities they can offer organisations. We operate within the telecommunications and industrial sectors with the correct technical know-how that can make a difference to each individual customer and every type of project.

Innovating with technology

Being a technology company we support the application of technology through advising, designing, supplying, implementing, maintaining and managing. Thanks to our expertise, many companies operating in Benelux experience countless innovative benefits offered by technology. By innovating where it is necessary, we help our customers to achieve their objectives. We deliver technical products & systems, which when combined with additional remote and on-site services, provide unique added value for the customer. Using a smart approach, we apply proven new technology, thereby making technology more accessible and reliable.

We operate in many sectors including, telecommunications, public transport, transportation, water, energy, government departments, manufacturing (OEM), food & feedstuffs, pharmaceuticals, public order & security and financial services. Technology is our business, and this technology is executed, designed and implemented by our people. On-site, or in our advanced Remote Service Centre, from where we are able to monitor and manage complete networks and systems remotely. Technology is in our genes and we are proud of what we are capable of doing. We innovate by taking advantage of the latest trends and thinking about our own and our customers’ future, and have therefore become an important player regarding

smart technologies.

We use our knowledge to make the difference for our customers. The Koning & Hartman Academy offers our partners, customer contacts and our own employees the opportunity to develop and improve their skills. We are continually encouraging our employees to increase their knowledge and expertise. We are proud of the customers we work for. We always take that extra step and make sure that we meet our commitments. This is how we make the difference.


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