March 20, 2019 | Zoetermeer (NL)

Data-driven logistics - a session by ORTEC at Topsector Logistiek Congres 2019

Get inspired and learn from speakers and interactive breakout sessions during the Topsector Logistiek Congres 2019, an event organized for logistics professionals. (Dutch event) On this day, ORTEC will speak about data-driven logistics, revealing how to get better results in three steps. Join our session and other sessions on 16 April 2019 to get to know how to retain & enhance power in today’s evolving logistics sector.

Implementation of innovation: no words but deeds
De logistics sector is evolving. This year, various economical and social challenges, like the Paris Agreement, are heading our way. In order to retain and enhance power in a sustainable way, companies need innovations. Based on that, the theme of the Topsector Logistiek Congres 2019 is on ‘Implementation of Innovation: No Words but Deeds’. Topics that will be discussed include data sharing, social innovation, artificial intelligence, intelligent access, and more. By meeting various entrepreneurs, you can get insights into the challenges which they encountered, and how they manage innovations.

Data driven logistics: the way to better results
One of the sessions at the event is presented by Theodoor Torn, Industry Leader at ORTEC, and Robert Monné, Business Consultant at ORTEC. During this session it will be revealed how correct data from inside and outside of an organization can lead to better results in 3 steps, and how to make the overall process more efficient. Meanwhile, the presentation focuses on transformations of companies as well as data applications of the future.

About Theodoor and Robert
Theodoor Torn is an industry leader for the Transport, Retail, and Express team at ORTEC Consulting. With over 20 years of experience at ORTEC, he has a strong background in the fields of transport and retail. 

Robert Monné, Business Consultant at ORTEC Consulting, has a background in Business Administration and Information Science. As a manager of The Analytics Academy, a cooperation between the University of Amsterdam, ORTEC, and Amsterdam Data Science, he aims to let professionals become more data-driven and data literate. 

Want to learn more about the event or would you like to register? Feel free to visit the event website(Dutch link)

Get yourself inspired on 16 April 2019 at the Topsector Logistiek Congres (Dutch event), De Kuip – Rotterdam