March 11, 2019 | Zoetermeer (NL)

Demystifying the buzzwords of Marketing Analytics – a session by ORTEC at the B2B Marketing Forum

Get inspired and learn from speakers and their practical examples during the 10th edition of the B2B Marketing Forum, an event organized for marketing professionals. On this day, Ivo Fugers, Data Scientist at ORTEC Consulting, will present an overview on marketing analytics, demystifying the big buzzwords and discussing several steps of analytics maturity as a (B2B) company. Join Ivo and the other speakers on 19 March 2019 to keep abreast on the topics relevant for today’s B2B marketer!

Game changers in B2B - learn from others
This year’s edition of the B2B Marketing Forum is on ‘Game changers in B2B’, bringing together the game changers from the past 10 years to see how the game has changed and keeps on changing. Topics that will be discussed include data, sales enablement, customer experience, marketing automation, data driven marketing, and more. By meeting various game changers, you can find out how other marketers tackle their challenges.

Marketing analytics - step by step
One of the sessions is held by Ivo Fugers, Data Scientist at ORTEC Consulting, who will guide you through the steps of analytics maturity for B2B companies. He will present an overview of marketing analytics, focusing on demystifying the big buzzwords. In addition, Ivo will give some practical advice and he will point out common pitfalls by applying by two case studies. One case study concerns a recommender system for event visitors, the other case study is about churn analysis. In both case studies there will be elaborated on the importance of the learnings for B2B companies.

About Ivo Fugers
Ivo Fugers works as a data scientist at ORTEC Consulting. His background is in Statistical Science and he specializes in applications that involve Machine Learning and Robotics (Artificial Intelligence). He mainly works in the financial industry and has worked on projects such as predicting customer churn, optimal pricing strategies, customer service chatbots and other forms of robotic process automation.

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Get yourself inspired on 19 March 2019 at the B2B Marketing Forum, Inn Style – Maarssen.