November 22, 2018 | Zoetermeer (NL)

Zilveren Kruis nominated for DDMA Customer Data Award 2019

From the many entries, KPN, DELA and Zilveren Kruis have been selected by the jury as the three finalists for the DDMA Customer Data Award 2019. Zilveren Kruis has been nominated for their virtual client advisor Zoë, a case in collaboration with ORTEC.

The Customer Data Award is awarded annually by DDMA, the trade association for data and marketing. The Customer Data Award is a culmination for the organization that is most successfully applying client data on operational, tactical and strategic level. Zilveren Kruis has been nominated as a finalist by the expert jury based on the criteria: return on investment, embedment in the organization and the impact of the data application on clients. The two other finalists are DELA and KPN.

The case of Zilveren Kruis is an illustration of how innovative technology can improve customer experience, while at the same time increases efficiency. Zoë, an artificial intelligence based virtual client advisor, developed by Zilveren Kruis in collaboration with ORTEC, is the core of this nominated case. The embrace of Zoë by the organization, the significantly improved customer experience and increased efficiency, backed up by strong ROI and achieved KPIs, have made this case reach the finals.

We congratulate Zilveren Kruis, DELA and KPN with reaching the finals. We look forward to the DDMA Data Dag on 24th of January, during which the Customer Data Award will be granted.

Find the (Dutch) news article by DDMA here or get your tickets for the DDMA Data Dag (Dutch event) here

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