November 05, 2018

How Artificial Intelligence Turns Logistics Upside Down: A Computable Debate at ICT & Logistiek

Spot new opportunities that will help make your logistics processes more efficient and effective during ICT & Logistiek at Jaarbeurs Utrecht on 7 and 8 November. Join Frans van Helden during the Computable Debate: How Artificial Intelligence Turns Logistics Upside Down. In this session, Frans will debate with other participants on the impact of AI on planning and control processes in the logistics industry.

The complexity of control processes and wide-ranging planning problems in the logistics industry are growing exponentially. It could mean that classic methods do not suffice anymore to solve the logistics challenges of today. Artificial Intelligence (AI) might just be the answer to autonomously deal with these complexities. Something, however, that could drastically change your current way of doing business. But is that so? And if it’s indeed the case, how and to what extent will AI impact your business?

Get some food for thought during the Computable debate “How Artificial Intelligence Turns Logistics Upside Down” on Thursday 8 November 14:30 in Theatre 6. A debate led by Sander Hulsman, Editor in Chief of Computable and contributed by Frans van Helden, Managing Consultant at ORTEC and other new technology and logistics experts. Register for the debate here.

If you’re keen on learning more about data-driven decision making in logistics, and how that could lead to better results, please stop by at the ORTEC booth in Hall 1, stand no. D052. Or join the interactive workshop “Better results by taking data-driven decisions” on Thursday 8 November 14:45 in Theatre 1. led by Henri Groothuis of Mandersloot and Paolo Cillari of ORTEC. Read more here.

Get yourself inspired on November 7 and 8 at ICT & Logistiek, Jaarbeurs Utrecht.