September 04, 2018 | Zoetermeer (NL)

De Persgroep launches its own data science education program

De Persgroep launches in collaboration with The Analytics Academy its own education program aimed at building the data science capabilities of their data analysts, data scientists and data engineers.

To boost its journey to a data driven organization De Persgroep has developed an extensive data science education program in collaboration with The Analytics Academy – an initiative by University of Amsterdam, ORTEC and Amsterdam Data Science. The program is aimed at current and new colleagues of De Persgroep.

Deriving value from data, coping with existing and new data challenges of De Persgroep and increasing knowledge sharing within the organization are central to this program. Next to that, the program focuses on increasing the technical skills of their data analysts, data scientists and data engineers. For this, The Analytics Academy offers access to the newest theories, models and technologies and provides best practices to enable participants to put theory into practice.

Through this data science education program, De Persgroep takes its next steps in their transition to a data driven organization and to achieve its goals to improve the collaboration between data professionals and business owners and to increase the knowledge of data opportunities within the organization.

About De Persgroep
De Persgroep Nederland is een toonaangevende uitgever van nationale, regionale én lokale nieuwsmerken, magazines, websites en is actief op radio. Het diverse portfolio van de Persgroep Nederland omvat: AD, de Volkskrant, Trouw, Het Parool, Tubantia, De Gelderlander, BN DeStem, de Stentor, Brabants Dagblad, Eindhovens Dagblad, PZC, ruim 200 huis-aan-huiskranten, ADR Nieuwsmedia, deOndernemer, Synpact,,,,,,, MyChannels, IndeBuurt en Qmusic.

Want to learn more about De Persgroep? Visit the website.

About The Analytics Academy
Through offering a broad range of data science trainings and inhouse programs, The Analytics Academy supports organizations to build data science capabilities at each stage of the data driven transformation. Their trainings and programs are applicable to all layers of an organization and range from creating basic understanding of data science concepts, to teaching the hands-on skills needed to deliver value in data oriented projects. Enabling organizations to prepare their business and people for a data driven future in a sustainable and inspiring way.

The Analytics Academy is a cooperation between the University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Data Science and ORTEC.

Want to learn more about The Analytics Academy? Visit the website. Want to discover how an education program especially tailored to your needs can help you to accelerate your data driven journey? Contact Robert Monné via +31 (0)88 678 3265 or