July 06, 2018 | Zoetermeer (NL)

The Costs and Benefits of Online Marketing Maturity: a research by ShoppingTomorrow led by ORTEC and Oxyma

ORTEC and Oxyma combine knowledge and experience in the expert group Online Marketing Maturity of ShoppingTomorrow. The expert group will do research on the costs and benefits of increasing online marketing maturity. The expert group will be led by Hans Spaan of ORTEC and Just Greve of Oxyma.

For the past decade, online retail has increased exponentially. In 2018, the Dutch online retail market is expected to grow to a size of € 25 billion. It results in an increase of 11% compared to 2017. Of the 90% of Dutch people that shop online at least once a year, more than 10% shops online every week.

In response to this fast changing and growing (online) retail landscape, (Dutch association of online shops) launched together with several trade associations Shopping 2020 – currently known as ShoppingTomorrow. ShoppingTomorrow is the annual and large-scale research program that creates insights in the future of online retail and ecommerce and maps the trends and developments in +20 different expert groups. The expert groups are led by experienced professionals from the consulting industry.

One of these expert groups is Online Marketing Maturity that will again be led by Hans Spaan, Director Data Science at ORTEC, and Just Greve, Business Development Manager at Oxyma.

Expert Group: Online Marketing Maturity
To help organizations discover their level of online marketing maturity, the expert group Online Marketing Maturity of 2017/2018 has developed, in collaboration with SAMR, the Online Marketing Maturity Scan. This scan helps organizations to determine priorities along 4 dimensions priorities that will accelerate the further development of their business model. This year, the expert group will develop a benchmark based on the Online Marketing Maturity Scan. Furthermore, the experts will use cases , best practices and experience to create insights in the costs (time and money) and benefits (revenue and profit) of increasing online marketing maturity.

Hans en Just about Online Marketing Maturity 2018
“ORTEC Data Science has collected numerous best practices in retail, especially in expertise areas like revenue management, supply chain analytics and customer lifecycle analytics. On a daily basis we’re improving customer experience and efficiency by applying data and technology”, explains Hans. “At Oxyma we also aim to create a better customer experience. To achieve that, a clear vision on the use of CRM, technology and marketing automation is fundamental. In the midst of this all we meet and strengthen each other within ShoppingTomorrow” adds Jus. Read the full interview in the article of

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