June 04, 2018 | Zoetermeer (NL)

Rolf Lange exchanges financial sector for data science division of ORTEC

ORTEC has appointed Rolf Lange (44) as Director Technology for its data science activities. Lange will – among other things – focus on strengthening ORTEC’s product and service portfolio.

Rolf LangeAfter studying econometrics at Erasmus University, Lange began his career at ORTEC, in the role of product manager, in 1996. In 2005 he moved to ABN Amro. After a career of 13 years in the financial sector, consecutively at ABN Amro, Fortis, BNP Paribas and then Cardano, he is now returning to his first employer, at the group that focuses on data science.

Lange says: “It’s wonderful to return to familiar surroundings. ORTEC is a true pioneer in the field of data science and artificial intelligence and during its 37-year existence the organization has accumulated an enormous amount of expertise. I have now been given the honor to further sharpen its focus and extend its knowledge advantage. One of the key aims will be to turn this knowledge into maximum strategic value for businesses, as well as strengthening partnerships with technology providers such as Microsoft and IBM. I will also be further strengthening our ties with universities and promoting data science research”.

Impact of Data Science
ORTEC‘s new Director of Technology is especially looking forward to explore the value-adding possibilities of data science on a daily basis. “When I see how technology has developed and how it impacts organizations, I get really enthusiastic. For example, for a company in the food industry ORTEC has developed a recognition technology that can independently detect seeds containing gluten among a vast quantity of seeds. Much quicker and more careful than a human could ever be, delivering a huge efficiency improvement for the organization. There are wonderful things to happen in other sectors too, such as the medical world. For instance, an increasing number of people is having their DNA analyzed. The resulting insights are already used to prescribe the right medicines to individual patients. In the next few years, I expect we’ll see the real impact of data science on our society. It’s wonderful I can be part of this development.”

Welcome to ORTEC, Rolf!