April 24, 2018 | Zoetermeer (NL)

Port of Rotterdam one step closer to being the smartest port authority in the world!

An inspiring journey to data-driven decision making – how coaching and training leads to a team of people excited about the future.

Port of Rotterdam and The Analytics Academy

 Nelson Mandela once said that we must remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead. The Port of Rotterdam and The Analytics Academy couldn’t agree more. On April 12 we celebrated the closing ceremony of the succesful Data Analytics Development program and handed out, together with the Dean of the Amsterdam Business School Marc Salomon, the well-deserved certificates to the participants. The closing ceremony was the icing on the cake of a nine-month program during which 12 Data Science Analysts and 20 Business Translators of the Port of Rotterdam were given the opportunity to follow inhouse trainings and receive on-the-job support to take their Analytics skills to the next level. We’re proud of all participants and congratulate them and the Port of Rotterdam with this beautiful next step in building their data science capability and in becoming the smartest port authority in the world. Their enthusiasm and hard work paid off!

About the Data Analytics Development Program
The Data Analytics Development Program is an inhouse program organized by Port of Rotterdam, in collaboration with The Analytics Academy. The program offered participants a balanced combination between classical trainings, on-the-job support and community sessions. The sessions ranged from high-level subjects, like defining the right business question and managing data science projects, to more in-depth subjects, like machine learning, optimization and modelling. To master the learned skills, the participants put theory into valuable action and went ahead with real-life cases aiming for increased efficiency, predictability and/or effectiveness – which they presented during the closing ceremony. Coaches supported them along the way, by giving in-depth advice and supporting them to grow in all aspects of being a Data Scientist. 

About The Analytics Academy 
Through offering a broad range of Data Science trainings, The Analytics Academy supports organizations to grow and sustain knowledge at each stage of the data-driven transformation. Their trainings are applicable to all layers of an organization and range from creating basic understanding at board level to develop a data strategy, to acquiring hands-on skills enabling workforces to deliver value in data oriented projects. Enabling organizations to prepare their business and people for a data-driven future in a sustainable and inspiring way. 

The Analytics Academy is a cooperation between Amsterdam Business School of the University of Amsterdam, ORTEC and Amsterdam Data Science.