March 21, 2018 | Zoetermeer (NL)

A Data-Driven Journey with a hands-on and people-oriented approach – a presentation by Robert Monné during the Big Data Innovation Summit

On Thursday 22nd of March Robert Monné will share his insights on how to facilitate the journey to a Data-Driven Organization with a hands-on and people-oriented approach during the Big Data Innovation Summit in London, 21-22 March 2018.

The Big Data Innovation Summit covers the hottest topics within data and analytics and supports senior-level executives to design and develop their big data journey. Main themes for this year’s summit are among others: Customer-Centric Applications for Analytics, Implementing a Data Analytics Strategy and Advancing Machine Learning Technologies.

On day two of the summit Robert Monné, Manager of The Analytics Academy, will share his expertise on how to facilitate the journey to a Data-Driven enterprise by using a hands-on and people-oriented approach. Topics that Robert will cover include:
  • An introduction to multiple sustainable approaches to closing the data talents gap, from external outreach to internal development
  • An introduction to what each layer of your organization should know about Data Science to grow a Data Driven Organization
  • Best practices on organizational capability building for Data Science skills.
Big Data Innovation Summit

We hope you’re able to join Robert at the Big Data Innovation Summit to get up to speed on designing and developing your big data journey. For those that are not able to make it:
  • Robert will share his insights online after the event, follow our LinkedIn page to see at first hand
  • Gain already some of his expertise on a hands-on and people-oriented data journey by reading his blog: Closing the Data Talents Gap - Start Spotting Opportunities Internally
  • Keep an eye on the Event Calendar of Innovation Enterprise for next inspiring events on Data Analytics, future business strategies, innovations and technologies
  • Follow the #DataInnovators on Twitter and stay up-to-date during the event.

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About the Analytics Academy

Through offering a broad range of Data Science trainings, The Analytics Academy helps organizations to grow and sustain knowledge at each stage of the data driven transformation. Our trainings go through all layers of the organization and range from creating basic understanding at board level in order to develop a data strategy to acquiring hands-on skills enabling your staff to deliver value in data oriented projects.

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