November 30, 2017 | Zoetermeer (NL)

Caroline Jagtenberg wins the prestigious Jo van Nunen Award

On November 30, OR Consultant Caroline Jagtenberg has won the prestigious Jo van Nunen award for her Ph.D thesis “Efficiency and Fairness in Ambulance Planning”.

The Jo van Nunen award acknowledges the best dissertation that optimally bridges theory and practice in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain Management. 

In her thesis, which she defended at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Caroline covers dynamic ambulance management (the real-time repositioning of idle vehicles), ambulance dispatching (is the closest vehicle always optimal?) and tactical models that optimize the trade-off between efficiency and fairness. The results of her thesis, which demonstrate a perfect combination between academic thoroughness and practical implications, show that through mathematics we are able to increase operational efficiency while giving people equal care regardless of where they are located. 

The ‘Jo van Nunen Award’ is an initiative of the Dutch Association of Logistics Management (in Dutch ‘Vereniging Logistiek Management’ (vLm)). The award is named after the visionary Jo van Nunen who was known as the expert who perfectly bridged theory and practice in the field of Logistics, Supply Chain Management and Operations Research. Ineke Meuffels, Expert Consultant at ORTEC, was the nominee to accept the first Jo van Nunen Award.

The prize takes the following criteria into consideration:
  • The thesis was successfully defended at a Dutch University;
  • The dissertation subject falls within Logistics and Supply Chain Management;
  • The thesis must demonstrate a balance between practical and academic components.

We would like to congratulate Caroline with this exceptional result! 

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