Let The Econometric Games begin!

March 10, 2017 | Amsterdam | Costs

Let the Econometrics Game Begin!

For the third year in a row ORTEC and EY joined forces to be the main sponsors of The Econometric Game. This event, also known as the ‘World Championships of Econometrics’, will take place from the 5th to 7th of April in Amsterdam. We are very proud to be part of one of the most prestigious events organized by the study association for Actuarial Science, Econometrics & Operational Research (VSAE) of the University of Amsterdam.

The Econometric Game is an annual event where world’s brightest students are challenged to tackle a social question using big data, econometric methodologies and scientific literature. It pinpoints the growing importance of data in today’s fast moving world, something we put into practice on a daily basis.  

This year The Econometric Game will welcome 120 international students from 30 prestigious Universities. Each University sends a team of its best four students majoring in econometrics or relevant studies.

Practical info
When: 5,6,7 of April
What: Amsterdam 
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