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The Parcel, Express & Postal business is evolving rapidly. Postal volumes are dropping as parcel volumes soar, particularly in e-commerce. Service expectations are getting stricter across the sector. To thrive, companies must be flexible enough to adapt continuously to an ever-changing business landscape.

At ORTEC Consulting, our extensive knowledge of the Parcel, Express & Postal business spans the entire supply chain from collection to delivery. Our expertise helps clients at the strategic, tactic and operational levels, in areas such as supply chain, linehaul, infrastructure, collection & distribution, e-commerce and analytics.

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ORTEC Consulting and Post & Express

  • A Sustainable performance: emitting less carbon dioxide by less kilometers driven and a more efficient network; 
  • Improved customer satisfaction: increase your performance and service without increasing your cost of operation; 
  • Improved decision making: run scenarios and simulations by employing our powerful modeling capabilities; 
  • Increased profit: our solutions contribute to the bottom line of your operations by lowering costs, enhancing your capacity and improving your strategic decision making. 

10 years partnering Parcel, Express & Postal leaders

In 2012 ORTEC won the prestigious Franz Edelman Award, together with TNT Express and Tilburg University, for helping TNT Express optimize its supply chain. The winning Operations Research tool analyzes and improves TNT Express transportation networks. Delivering major cost savings, service and management improvements, and CO2 emission reductions.

Unique skills that add value to your business

Our consultants have a unique skills set that combines advanced mathematics with extensive business knowledge and IT. We model your challenges to provide insights and identify opportunities. Then translate your specific business need into actionable advice.

We have a Parcel, Express & Postal model framework that gives you a genuine competitive edge. Providing everything from insights into your current operation to complex optimization models that cover pretty well every link in your supply chain.

We believe in long-term client relationships. Building trust through a combination of expertise in the Parcel, Express & Postal sector and a deepening understanding of your company. We’re proud that, as a result, most of our partnerships with clients go back years.
Having introduced ORTEC solutions to several countries, the first results are most promising. Aligning with our Global Optimization Program, involving over 200 countries, we achieved strong cost per unit reductions as well as service improvements in all functional areas of the concerning operations.”
TNT Logo Mark Bradley: Global Operations Director TNT Express

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