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Oil, Gas, Chemicals and Energy

The oil, gas, chemicals & energy industries are facing some very challenging times. The days of ‘easy oil’ are becoming a thing of the past. Prices remain low however, forcing oil and gas companies to manage their portfolios more effectively and ramp up their pace of innovation. 

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ORTEC Consulting and the Oil, Gas, Chemicals and Energy Industry

  • In depth Industry Knowledge
  • Solving Complex Problems
  • Bringing innovations to industry leaders
  • Supply Chain wide Optimization
  • Delivering the power of advanced analytics and big data to the industry

ORTEC Consulting and the Oil, Gas, Chemicals & Energy sector

The alternatives—from deep water drilling to renewable energy to coal- or gas-to-liquid—are more expensive and more risky, requiring major investment in new technologies. Moreover it’s still unclear which of the new technologies will finally win out, and when. 
There are still opportunities for innovative and resourceful companies. Because all these challenges form part of a wider trend: increasingly specialized in knowledge and technology, the industry is becoming more complex and more expensive. Which means that, more than ever, you need to invest wisely and efficiently. And that calls for smart decisions at both the strategic and day-to-day operational levels.

Long-term experience with sector leaders

For over 30 years ORTEC has been working with leading names in the Oil, Gas, Chemicals & Energy sectors. Clients like Shell and BP remain loyal because they see first-hand the value ORTEC’s unparalleled modelling capabilities add to their business. And how our quantitative approach ensures their key strategic and operational decisions will be underpinned by facts, not just hypotheses.
Our talent? Solving your unique problem
Clearly there are huge differences across and between the four sectors in this industry. Indeed, before talking to us, most of our clients felt their problem was so unique and complex that probably no one could solve it. If that’s how you feel, we can almost certainly help you.

Adding Value to your Industry

At ORTEC refining or engineering are not our primary specialisms, and we know that no one will ever understand your business better than you. Our main talent is solving problems that haven’t been solved before. Generally speaking, the more complex your problem, the more value we add.
By working with ORTEC Consulting we were able to access the latest and most advanced OR techniques and apply them to this problem
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