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Every second of your customers’ time counts. Your customers expect the process to be valuable, easy and quick or they won’t stick around. There’s loads of data floating around your organization. Data that will help you to know who your clients are, how they act and how they’re going to act. But you have many dots to connect and client data usage within your industry remains a sensitive issue. You’re on the lookout for the optimal customer experience, without compromising the efficiency and profitability of your organization.

Our Response

At ORTEC we know how to create value with your data. Since 1981 we improve business decisions by leveraging data and mathematics for many industry leading companies.

Within the Finance industry we have extensive experience in:

Marketing Analytics
Providing you with insights into the behavior of your customers through Churn Analyses and helping you to optimally target them with minimum spent through AdWords and Media Budget Optimization.

Customer Service
Enabling quick and accurate customer service by the development and embedment of Chatbots and other types of robotization using state of the art technology (IBM Watson, Microsoft Computer Vision) and helping you to develop more targeted and personalized services through data-driven Customer Segmentation and Risk Analytics.

Dynamic Pricing & Revenue Management
Optimizing your revenue through dynamic pricing based on accurate risk predictions.

Our people are data-driven at heart and are eager to turn their broad expertise into concrete value using a proven approach and the latest tools and technologies.

What Value We Create

Our proven approach enables you to make better decisions, and leads to better results.

  • Increased Profit
    Tailored pricing leads to more balance between premiums and claims.
  • Improved Satisfaction
    Delivering an improved customer experience through quick, accurate and proactive customer service and consultancy.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency
    Lead time of requests can be shortened and leave your workforce more time to focus on challenging tasks.

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