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Lower Prices without Compromising on Service Levels

The challenge: Quick and accurate customer services, while reducing costs

The health insurance market is highly competitive. Consumers are constantly on the lookout for lower prices, without comprising on the service they receive. The health insurance market is also a “people business.” Good service levels demand skilled and knowledgeable customer service representatives. To address these challenges, a large Dutch health insurer wanted to explore innovative ways to provide quicker and more accurate customer service, while reducing their costs and keeping customer data private and secure.

How we created value: Sustainable automation through high quality integration

Together, we decided to focus on optimizing two customer processes that involve a lot of people with specific knowledge, and require accuracy as well as speed.

■ To automate the answering of customer service questions, we used IBM (Watson) and Microsoft technology. By combining it with our machine learning knowledge and tooling, we created a solution mimicking human behavior and skills, leading to faster and more personalized customer service.
■ To automate the processing of incoming claims, we used Microsoft’s Computer Vision API to perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR). In combination with our tailored tooling, we created an intelligent chatbot able to independently process claims. The robot gets better at finding highly relevant information by learning from customer feedback, resulting in more accurate and quicker customer service.

To make sure the robot returned qualitative answers, we first tested whether the solution was feasible and the available data sufficient. Once our tests guaranteed sustainability, we integrated it with the company’s IT systems, giving the robots all the (customer) information they need while keeping the data private and secure.

Better results: An improved customer experience

The chatbot is able to handle thousands of questions every hour, enabling the health insurer to process claims faster and therefore improve the customer experience. The chatbot also relieves customer service representatives from simple questions, enabling them to focus on more challenging ones. Claim processing times went down from 5 days to 5 seconds, guaranteeing better service levels while helping the company stay ahead of the game.

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