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Matchmaking to Improve Customer Experience

The challenge: Helping customers to find the right information

Today’s connected consumers have all the information they need at hand to find the person, company or product they are looking for. This information is circulating around in dazzling volumes and at high speed, which can lead to choice anxiety. People get lost in endless options and may not always end up with the best match, resulting in lower customer satisfaction. Using available data to improve customer experiences remains a challenge for most organizations. An international event organization was looking to help customers find what they are interested in at events much more easily. To respond to this challenge, the organization wanted to explore the possibilities of a recommender system.

How we created value: Matchmaking by developing a recommender and using available data

We developed a recommender system using advanced analytics to help the organization improve the customer experience at events. We did this by following a stepwise collaborative process:

■ We started by gathering available data and analyzing patterns in customer behavior and characteristics.
■ We developed a proof-of-concept to test multiple recommender systems, aiming to find the one that best met the customer’s requirements. As a result, we selected a hybrid system which combined recommenders using behavioral data and customer characteristics.
■ After piloting the system during an event, observable results showed that matchmaking and personalization improved the customer experience.

Following the pilot’s successful completion, the organization decided to deploy the recommender system for all events. The system makes use of historic and real-time information to internalize customer interests, translating this data into personalized recommendations for the most interesting stands to visit. These recommendations can subsequently be used by the event organization as content for mailings, apps and their website.

Better results: A personalized experience leading to higher customer satisfaction

Reliable matchmaking through the recommender system enables the event organization’s customers to easily find what they are looking for during an event. This keeps customers engaged and happy and helps the organization’s marketing team to deliver a more personalized customer experience, leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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