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Boosting Customer Loyalty With a Personal In-Store Experience

The challenge: Creating a personalized experience for returning customers

Online shopping is booming, but brick and mortar stores are still a valuable asset to showcase products. The key is to use physical stores to engage further with customers, connect with them at a deeper level and eventually persuade them to buy. Personalized storefronts, which change based on external conditions, are a popular means to do this. The next level is to connect with customers based on their personal buying habits and interests. In order to improve the shopping experience for recurring customers, an international high-end retailer was looking for a solution that would couple in-store face recognition with their loyalty app. The goal was to provide a personalized experience for VIP customers.

How we created value: Leveraging personalization with existing hardware and loyalty programs

Taking advantage of the retailer’s recently launched customer loyalty app, we focused on developing an in-store face recognition experience to leverage personalization. The customer needed the experience to be camera independent, so we worked with academics and domain experts to review all available software - from Microsoft and IBM to specialized firms - and honed in on Google TensorFlow. Following a lean approach, we created a working prototype in five sprints and effectively deployed it on Intel NUC. Using Intel NUC, we ran multiple pilots at the retailer’s HQ to ensure the algorithm was fully reliable. After a series of successful pilots, the retailer is now working on a deployment plan for face recognition and object detection algorithms in combination with standard cameras. This ensures that customers are offered not only a more personal experience in stores, but as well a sustainable and secure one. We made sure all personal data is secured and customers are only recognized when they have opted-in.

Better results: Enhanced customer engagement and increased loyalty

By introducing face recognition and combining it with the loyalty app and other data, the retailer is able to deliver a more personal in-store experience. This results in enhanced customer satisfaction and a better understanding of customers’ interests, contributing to increased loyalty. Due to the flexible and sustainable character of the solution, the retailer has been able to focus on the goals they wanted to achieve with face recognition in the context of enhanced customer experience. The technology also enables the marketing team to design new interactions with their clients worldwide, boosting innovation in their marketing programs.

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